Islamic Funeral Traditions offers Comfort

A Muslim funeral is known as a “Janazah” and has specific ceremonial rights upon a deceased’s passing. Similarly, like Jews and Christians, Muslims believe that the present life is a trial in preparation for the next realm of existence. If one leads a righteous life, they will enter Paradise upon death.
Islamic funerals are characterized by a sense of urgency, with customs dictating that burial occurs as soon as possible after death. As a result, there are no viewings, wakes, or visitations in this tradition. Instead, the body is promptly washed and then covered with a sheet by family members, with the hands positioned in a gesture of prayer. The body is then transported to the funeral site, which may be a mosque or another appropriate location.
Islamic funerals often occur in large, communal areas such as a prayer room, community square, or courtyard. This allows community members to gather and participate in group prayers that face Mecca following Islamic customs. This communal approach to mourning and prayer helps families understand their loss while fostering hope for the loved one’s afterlife journey. 
Whatever your need is, we offer services for a variety of religious funeral services. The service may need to be led by a religious leader, including prayers, religious funeral songs, or any religious funeral poems or readings. We are well-versed in many religious funeral requirements and can happily support these. Whatever the faith of your loved one, we can accommodate a fitting religious funeral service.

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